About Robert Walker

Robert has an MBA in Business Admin, BS in Management, and certification as a Mediator and Facilitator. He uses best practices and is highly dependable and respected mediator and consultant in multiple business sectors. Key strengths include interpersonal relationship building and leadership with the highest standards. Plus, he finds time to give back to community organizations such as the American Red Cross, Jacksonville Sheriff Committee, Urban League (Essex County, NJ, and Jacksonville, FL), United Way, and Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. When choosing a business consultant, successful careers matter when you’re looking for business solutions.

Walker Mediation and Consulting offers expertise in mediation, global logistics and international supply chain management, and business operations 

Robert Walker, President & CEO of Walker Mediation and Consulting based in Jacksonville, FL, offers exceptional career experience to advance or catapult your forward-thinking business to the next level. He has global expertise in:

  • Mediation and Consulting
  • Global logistics and international supply chain management
  • Corporate business operations


As an expert certified mediator and arbitrator, Robert can bring clarity and resolution among the parties to avoid the stress and cost of going to court. 

Make an appointment now for Mediation Services on our online Appointment Calendar. Let Robert intervene and find a resolution to your dispute.

Global Logistics and Business Consulting

Global Logistics and Business Consulting

Walker Mediation and Consulting addresses the human factor in operational issues with strategies defined to strengthen and advance your business toward success. Whether charged to increase revenue, streamline or motivate staff, purchase new and more efficient technologies, or negotiate prices or union contracts, Robert can be trusted to be on your leadership team. He values diversity and knows how to work well with people. With decades of international logistics experience his unique and well-honed skills to solve complex problems and help you move your business to the next level.

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