Transform your logistics or business operations with a seasoned consultant you can trust

Logistics / Business

Trust is a key component when hiring a consultant to help you transform your logistics or business operations. As an intelligent and agile partner, Robert’s experience makes him uniquely qualified to be a change agent and resiliency specialist for his clients. His expertise in transportation (air, land, sea) is a value-added benefit to support dramatic and impactful change in your business – no matter what size. His broad experience includes: 

  • Transforming corporate operations with budgets of $540M
  • Supervising 3,700 employees in 11 nationwide facilities
  • Coordinating high profile, high-volume territories moving 450,000+ items per day supported by 1,500+ fleets involving all transportation modes

Robert specializes in working with C-suite, high-level managers, and directors to support initiatives that can streamline businesses creating operational efficiencies and re-organization of productive staff. He will take a deep dive into your business to define key issues and present thoughtful solutions to help you advance forward.

Whether your needs are organizational or logistical, Robert understands how to help you and your employees reach maximum potential. Whether helping your design team re-engineer facilities or find solutions to chain management issues such as moving supplies from manufacturing to transportation to distribution and all its subsets, Robert could be a valuable asset on your team. Call today for a free consultation appointment with Robert – he’s the solution you’re looking for!

Global Logistics and Business Consulting

  • Robert’s experience speaks for itself. He has:
  • Dramatically increased revenue while reducing expenses
  • Streamlined workflow and improved productivity and motivation
  • Processed automation, recommended and deployed state-of-the-art technologies 
  • Reduced corporate risk through enhanced safety and compliance
  • Improved performance and scale operations
  • Negotiated pricing strategies for supply chain management
  • Worked with industrial engineering and manufacturers to deploy operational plans
  • Staged inventory nationally and globally more efficient operations
  • Conducted site visits and safety previews
  • Trained staff in:
  • Labor relations & ADA compliance
  • Supervisory, leadership management, and development
  • Dispute resolution, business conduct, and compliance
  • Quality Improvement processes