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Divorce Mediation Services

Coming to an amicable solution for your divorce is the goal of Robert Walker Jr, your divorce, business, and real estate mediator. Designed to help you select the right professional support for your conflict, Robert’s divorce mediation services ensure fairness for all parties involved. 

Specializing in Pro-se/Pro-suit mediation, Robert helps you mediate your divorce before attorneys are retained or documents are filed. For couples interested in saving time and money on their divorce, this is the best choice available. Unlike an attorney-driven divorce, mediation allows you to avoid the negative environment of traditional divorce proceedings but still provides access to a knowledgeable professional. 

A Pro-Se/Pre-Suit Divorce Mediation service means no lawyers will be involved. It simply helps you navigate the complexities of legally divorcing without the tumultuous negotiations and hassle of taking things to court. 

Robert Walker is a highly trained mediator who guides you towards an agreement, an uncontested divorce, and a friendlier outcome for all involved. His goal is to deliver a peaceful result that reduces much of the pain and hassle that divorce can often cause. 

What To Expect During Mediation 

Using his exceptional interpersonal skills, Robert listens closely to both perspectives, establishing a solid understanding of the foundation of disagreements that may arise. 

Building rapport with each side, he helps all involved to focus on the issues on the table and what areas might provide the most likely route for settlement. He also pursues creative and collaborative solutions that align with the facts presented by the case to preserve mutual interests.

 Guiding all parties to a painless resolution, Robert ensures everyone’s voice is heard and all reasonable solutions are considered during the mediation phase. 

Additional Civil Mediation Services

In addition to divorce mediation, Robert also provides mediation services for Family, Civil, Real Estate, and Workplace cases. 

For real estate mediation, he works to resolve conflicts between buyers, sellers, builders, and real estate professionals in a timely and civil manner. 

For workplace disagreements, he works to come to a solution quickly, effectively, and with as minimal disruption to your workplace as possible. By establishing the underlying needs and issues, supporting effective dialogue, and by facilitating a mutually beneficial resolution, he is an ideal candidate for your workplace mediation needs. 

Family conflicts require a supportive approach, which Robert has many years of experience in providing. Avoid civil litigation by leveraging Robert’s expertise, and preserve your relationships, with help from his family mediation services. 

Meet Your Mediator, Robert Walker Jr

Mediator, Robert Walker Jr
Mediator, Robert Walker Jr

Robert is a Certified Florida Supreme Court County, Circuit and Family Mediator and a Georgia Supreme Court Certified Civil and Domestic Relations Mediator. He has an MBA in Business Admin and BS in Management. He uses best practices and is a highly dependable and respected mediator and consultant in multiple business sectors. Key strengths include interpersonal relationship building and leadership with the highest standards. 

When he is not mediating disputes or consulting with companies, he spends much of his spare time giving back to community organizations including the American Red Cross, Jacksonville Sheriff Committee, Urban League (Essex County, NJ, and Jacksonville, FL), United Way, and Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. 

Select a mediator with a professional track record you can trust. Rely on Robert Walker for all your mediation needs in Florida.


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